Jason Amada
2 min readApr 18, 2022

Jason Amada bridging Music and Amazon

Jason Amada is a well-known name in the Amazon seller community. He made the transition from Medical Sales to Amazon seller in 2019. Looking for a change of careers he was looking for something new to get him excited every day. After reading a few books on reselling and discussing the ins and outs of the business with various individuals he decided to make the leap into this brand new world. The question he asked himself was how can he bridge Music and reselling to bring benefits to both areas.

Jason’s backstory is an interesting one. He came from the two immigrant parents who came to this country with nothing and he saw their struggles early on. He was driven to be successful so he could live a comfortable life and help his family as much as he could. Coming from different careers he settled on starting his own online store and he has grown it to be one of the most successful on Amazon.

Instead of discussing the resell business as a whole, I wanted to ask him about how he thinks Amazon and Music can work to market each other. The information I gathered was interesting. The main goal is to connect with up-and-coming artists to create content for your business and add some lines into their songs that shout out your store. Now of course you will have to cut in the artists and give them a percentage of the business, but it’s definitely worth the price of admission. As an example, https://music.amazon.com/artists/B09XJHQQC2/jason-amada came out with a song with a hidden message in there that pushes you toward a certain product. It mind sound crazy but if you listen to it, afterward you might have a craving for let's say a certain type of drink, that can only be bought at Jason Amada store, Simpler Goods. You can also check out https://open.spotify.com/artist/74GdOI2PwczrrgmnyEyGNr?si=3nZEggOMQViSwYb6JNAgOw which should also give you the same results.

Also, take a look at a Youtube video https://youtu.be/PimtM5j-U2I that has subliminal messages, telling you to look at certain products. It might be very difficult for some to hear it but for others, it's like watching a commercial on tv and your mouth starts to water for that certain beverage, reminding you how thirsty you are.

In closing Music and selling go hand and hand. Jason tells us how sometimes you need to be creative to get noticed. The typical marketing strategies are a thing of the past and if you want to stand out you have to think outside the box. Think smart, not hard. If you would like more information on Jason Amada, please see the link below.


Jason Amada

Jason Amada was born and raised in New York City. He has taken his career from Finance to owning his own Amazon store. He also has experience in Medicine.